Price Action Course

What Do We Do In Our Course
What do we do in course?
From basics of fundamentals in stock market for beginners to learn till advance levels of expertise in trading / investments and profit booking levels of Most Unique & powerful methods are covered.
Topic Covered
Topic covered:

GANN Secrets of Trend Reversals

GANN Secrets of Trend Reversals at Specific Date Range Every Month/ Seasonal Changes Date Range – Very essential for Positional / Swing Traders – To take entry at Reversal points with small stop loss for big targets. Best Risk Reward Ratio using most effective Trading Techniques for maximum profits.


This is one of the most powerful and easy to learn trading techniques. Harmonic pattern trading involves recognition of specific price patterns and alignment of exact Fibonacci ratios to determine high probable reversal points in specific financial scripts.

  • Introduction to Fibonacci retracements most powerful Fibonacci ratios for Indian stock market
  • Learning understanding and Identification of potential reversal zones
  • 4-point harmonics & basics of ABCD pattern
  • 5 point harmonics XABCD Pattern trading which will cover more than 12 - 16 Patterns
  • Targets and stop loss in harmonic patterns.


  • Trendline trading/ channel range and its proper usage
  • Candlestick pattern reading and selection in different setups
  • Support and resistance and its implementation on various charts / levels
  • All classical patterns (Ex: double top/ triple top/ breakout confirmation patterns.)
  • All important indicators and oscillators
  • Price action on charts / Chart Analysis
  • Supply and demand zone concept. Zone identification Trend/curve/ action on chart
  • Money management and risk management
  • Stock scanning and selection
Support Provided
Course Duration
2 Months
Support Provided
  • 2 months complimentary access to PREMIUM Channel where charts will be posted by High wings academy Team for learning and taking trades.
  • Mentorship guidance will be available for 6 months post completion of classes. Support for members - Lifetime.
  • Weekend webinars for clarification sessions for those in need of more support in journey of learning.


A lot of people dream of learning how to trade stocks and make profits, but many have been told that trading is too difficult to learn, especially when it comes to price action trading. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth, though; traders just need to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the Price Action Course and all the lessons you can learn from the course.

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