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The content we provide is intended to be used only for informational & educational purposes only. It’s crucial to conduct your own research before making any investments based on our findings. For any information you find on our website (highwingsacademy.com) and wish to rely upon, whether for the purpose of making an investment choice or otherwise, you should seek independent financial advice from a professional or independently research and verify it.

We do not give Investment Advice

Our website functions as a discussion board, a news and financial data gateway, and a content aggregator. This is not a place to give or receive financial advice, advice regarding investment decisions, tax or legal advice, since High Wings Academy is not a broker/dealer, we are not an investment advisor, and we have no access to non-public information about publicly traded firms. The Financial Services Authority doesn’t have any authority over us.

We are the educational board for learning, sharing, and analyzing general and standardized information about stocks, investments, and trading methods. No information on the website should be construed as advice about the purchase or sale of any securities or the adoption of any of the investment strategies described therein. We don’t offer specific advice or opinions about whether a stock or investing strategy is appropriate for a particular person’s financial needs.

Individual Independence rather than Hand-holding

We are a learning community where people can discuss, exchange, and analyze standardized broad knowledge about stocks, investments, and trading strategies. No information on the website ought to be interpreted as advice regarding the adoption of any of the investing strategies described therein, or the buying or selling of any securities. Regarding whether a stock or investing plan is suitable for a certain person’s financial requirements, we don’t provide individual advice or comments.

Where we provide tools, it is only to inform and educate consumers so they may quickly conduct their own valuations. Users should modify the pre-defined values as necessary and should not view them as a replacement for their own judgement. They are merely a starting point based on general assumptions that we have applied across the entire market. Any valuation outputs that result from this are necessarily generic and are not recommended by High Wings Academy for a specific stock.


For educational and promotional purposes, the Profit/Loss and conversation screen prints of our webinar participants or registered clients will be shared in our channel.

Our consumers allege that the profit or loss displayed on the Chat screen print in the Telegram channel is their own. For educational and promotional purposes, we post these screen prints in our Telegram channel. Their profit and loss are not our responsibility. We don’t check or validate this information.

Content created by users

Since so much of the content on this website is user-generated, it is impossible to adequately monitor it. All the material on our website about businesses, corporations, investment strategies, investments, and investment opportunities—aside from the High Wings Academy Content and Data—is supplied by our Registered Users and other third parties. We merely serve as a conduit for the material that is posted on our website; we do not choose, keep track of, edit, modify, review, or otherwise control the content or how it is posted there.

Financial Warnings

  • The following crucial investment cautions are what we would like to call your attention to.
  • The value of shares and investments, as well as the income generated by them, might fluctuate;
  • Investors run the danger of losing whatever they invested; they might not get their money back;
  • Future performance cannot be predicted by past performance.
  • Product: The High Wings Academy Online Live Webinar will be held in accordance with the agenda for each batch and the course materials listed on our website.

Learning may differ based on the person, the amount of time spent learning, and their capacity for understanding. For additional information about the course curriculum as described on the internet only, please contact us at info@highwingsacademy.com if you are having any difficulties with online learning. The program may be rescheduled if there are seats available in the following batch. The High Wings Academy Management shall have final authority over all decisions.

User Declarations

I am aware that my training at High Wings Academy will prepare me to actively traded securities and/or other financial instruments for my own account at a suitable financial institution that uses electronic transmissions of orders for those kinds of orders to carry out trades for its clients. I am aware that this course is not intended to prepare me for employment as a licensed broker in the financial sector.

The High Wings Academy Training Program is not intended to be interpreted as a suggestion or an offer to buy or sell any security or as an assessment of whether any investment strategy is suitable for the student. Only a licensed industry representative, such as a Broker/Dealer, Introducing Broker, FCM, and/or Registered Investment Advisor, is authorized to buy, sell, or provide advice about any security, other financial instrument, or system. Highwings Academy nor any of its representatives are authorized to offer such advice.

Members are recommended to speak with a licensed representative of their choice regarding the appropriateness of investing, trading, or any specific investment/trading strategy before considering any analysis of the High Wings Academy Training Program for purchase and sell.

High Wings Academy disclaims all liability for any profit or loss resulting from the analysis that appears on our channel.

The Buy/Sell Analysis of certain companies offered on our channel is solely for paper practice and educational purposes to help viewers better comprehend stock market movement.

Risk Communication

DISCLAIMER: Trading in futures, stocks, and options carries a high risk of loss and is not recommended for all investors. Due to possible fluctuations in the value of futures, equities, and options, clients run the risk of losing more money than they initially invested. Prices on the market already take into account the effects of seasonal and geopolitical events. Because futures trading is highly leveraged, even little market fluctuations will have a significant influence on your trading account. This might work against you and result in significant losses, or it could work in your favor and result in significant gains.

You run the risk of suffering a total loss that exceeds the amount you initially put into your account if the market swings against you. The trading system you choose, as well as all the risks and financial resources you use, are solely your responsibility. You shouldn’t trade unless you are completely aware of the kind of transactions you are doing and how much risk you are taking on. You must ask your financial advisor for independent counsel if you do not fully comprehend these dangers.

All trading strategies are used at your own risk.

No information on highwingsacademy.com or the Highwings Academy Telegram channel should be taken as advise or as offering any kind of recommendation. You oversee verifying and selecting which trades to execute. Trade only with risk capital, or money that, if lost, won’t have a negative impact on your way of life or ability to pay your debts. Future performance cannot be predicted by looking at past results. In no instance may the information in this email be interpreted as a promise or assurance, whether explicit or implicit.

Any losses incurred as a result of utilizing any of our trading tactics are not the responsibility of Highwingsacademy.com or the High Wings Academy Telegram Channel. Because stop loss orders may not be able to be executed due to market conditions or technological difficulties, loss-limiting tactics like them may not be effective. Like conventional long and short bets, methods involving combinations of options and/or futures positions, such as “spread” or “straddle” trades, may carry equal risk. This email contains information that is only being used for informational reasons and that was gathered from sources that were thought to be trustworthy. Information is not guaranteed in any way. Any form of assurance is either implied or impossible when attempting to project future conditions.

No information posted on Highwingsacademy.com or the High Wings Academy Telegram Channel should be construed as a suggestion that a specific security, portfolio of securities, transaction, or investment strategy is suitable for a given individual. You won’t receive any personalized advice from any of the information providers or their affiliates regarding the characteristics, worth, suitability, or potential of a certain asset, portfolio of securities, deal, investment strategy, or other issue.

DISPUTE RESOLUTION: Jurisdiction for Dispute Resolution will be Jaipur.

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